Sejong R&D (SRD Ltd.), a company focused on the research and development of new construction technology, has been investigating ways to make shear reinforcement more efficient.

As a results, we have developed an improved headed shear reinforcement called Shear Reinforcement of Dual anchorage “SRD”. SRDs represent a significant improvement over conventional methods of shear reinforcement. And then, recently we developed “PAC” anchor channel and “PHB” headed bar.

Sejong offers patents and business partnership to international companies with our technologies or products needs. Our vision is to widen the use of our superior SRD technologies (or products), SRD shear reinforcement, PAC anchor channel and PHB headed bar, in the field, while sharing the benefits and values of them with you.

Now it’s your turn! We hope you will join us using this exciting new technology!
If you are interested in SRD technology, please contact us.