SRDs are manufactured more efficiently than stud type reinforcement, which costs more and requires more intensive quality control. SRDs bring more benefits and higher value to our partners through competitive pricing, flexible sizing, and high quality products.

• Continuous auto-welding, compared to stud method
• Lower cost through simple process

• SRDs of various dimensions produced by a single facility
• Minimal initial investment due to flexible facility
material heating - forging - welding 3 steps process 2 steps material cutting - welding
producted by heating & forging high method cost low producted by cutting
stud welding difficult welding type easy continuous auto-welding
intensive stud-welding quality control difficult quality control easy stable quality (lower failure)
several set-ups required for different sizes inflexible size flexibility flexible one set-up produces any size
multiple, expensive facilities high facility investment low single, low cost facility
low carbon steel C1020~20, 44W, etc. special material general welded structure steels (SM)
Higher Cost and Inflexible Manufacturing summary Lower Cost and Flexible Manufacturing
Step 1: manufacturing L/H-beam as designed
Step 2: cutting L/H-beam
Step 3: assemble SRD (weld pieces and strips)
※L/H-beam ; welded light h-beam
Step 1: cutting pieces as designed
Step 2: continuous auto-welding for pieces
Step 3: assemble SRD (weld pieces and strips)